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Innotab 2 loading cartridge backups
Hi all, i have two innotab 2 for my 2 daughters. I also have around 10 cartridges.

I've installed the custom firmware on both and ripped my cartridges to the SD card.

Most games appear to load and work fine however a couple are having issues.

Dora the Explorer - Lets Help! - Loads and shows an introduction video then sits on a black screen. Buttons aren't responsive and the only way i can power off the tablet is to remove batteries.

Madagascar 3 - loads to black screen, removal of batteries required.

Hello Kitty - loads to black screen, removal of batteries required.

Cars 2 - loads to black screen, removal of batteries required.

Dinosaur Train - Loads the Spiffy Menu which asks me to select my tablet, selecting innotab 2 then shows me the title Spiffy Hacks innotab 2 v2.1 but there are no options.

The original Read, Play Create - Loads the spiffy menu with the above problems.

Any suggestions on how to make the above games function?

I.e. can the spiffy menu be skipped so the Read, Play, Create game can be played?

Thanks for any suggestions
downgraded the spiffy menu to v1.7.

Hello Kitty now also loads the spiffy menu

The remaining black screen games still boot to black screen.
You need to be sure that you don't have the file in the root of your SD card that auto loads when you use the Read Play Create cart. ~wdt~.sh I believe is the file.
Thanks Deak, you're correct. I deleted that file from my sd card and now the games load. Even the ones that booted to a black screen are now working.

My daughters better be happy lol
You may want to remove the spiffy hack as well so your daughters don't accidentally load it and mess something up.

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