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[SWF] LeapPad Photo Slide
I present my latest offering, I only hope it pleases you..

Introducing LeapPad Photo Slide, a simple application that's function is tragically overlooked by the official LeapPad software. 
Now your LeapPad can easily double up as a digital photo frame and showcase your child's photographic masterpieces, simply install the App Package via LeapPad Manager and upon launching, Photo Slide will begin cycling through the first 20 photos on the device. (/LF/Bulk/Data/Local/All/Photos/)

Inside the App Package, there is a file named 'Photos.xml' this file contains each photo entry (Currently 20 entries) and the respective filenames, if the Photos.xml has more entries than there are photos on your device, a blank screen will be shown after the last photo is shown. (I'm working on it)

The very first Photo Entry in Photos.xml contains a <Seconds></Seconds> tag, 
This dictates the amount of time each photo is shown for in seconds and is set to 15 by default.

You will still need to Toggle Main_App[on] to prevent the LeapPad from sleeping, you can do this in LeapPad Manager > Developer Tools. 
NOTE: If the LeapPad gets switched off, it will not boot normally with Main_App[on], connect via USB and toggle Main_App[off].

You COULD in theory create a symlink to '/LF/Bulk/ProgramFiles/DEAK-0x90000000/loader.swf' and use FTP to place it in /Flags/Main_App, then your LeapPad will boot straight into Photo Slide (Until you delete the /Flags/Main_App again)

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