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restore deleted free games
My son deleted the free (included) games that comes with the 3S.
Is there any straightforward way to restore them?

I connected to the learning lodge but that didn't offer any solutions.

I'd rather not factory restore the device if I can avoid it. My son has a lot of save data so far.

Not sure on that one. I didn't think it was possible to remove the included games from the database. You may be able to simply add it back on there by editing the database on your SD card and including the path to the games since they should be stored on the device. If they were free downloaded ones, you should be able to re-download them.

Does you remember what the games were?
Honestly, I don't know/remember. He just showed me the other day that he needed 'NEW" games because he was tired of the old ones and had deleted them. When I go to the games section from the Home screen, it's empty and I'm instructed to connect to the Learning Lodge to download games.

I do connect to the learning lodge but the only games available have to be paid for, no free ones are listed.

IF someone else is reading this, could you give me a list of the default pre-installed games for the 3S.

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