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Leapfrog Games Files Generator
I wrote this little program back in 2017 and used it to create the game packages here on spiffy, i never got around to uploading it and presumed it long gone on an old laptop...
Until today...

                    Leappad 2 Game Files Generator
How to use:
    > Extract LGFG.exe,Base_DA.png and Preview_DA.png to the same directory.

    > Run LGFG.exe and enter your game information(GameID, Name, Category.)
               !Must be run as Administrator!
    > Click "Generate Game Files" and the program will:
        0.) Prompt for SWF game file    
        1.) Create the folder C:\LF\ (if it isn't already present.)
        2.) Create the folder C:\LF\$GameID\
        3.) Generate the meta.inf and GameInfo.json using the information you provided
        4.) Save the meta.inf to C:\LF\$GameID\meta.inf
        5.) Save the GameInfo.json to C:\LF\$GameID\GameInfo.json
        6.) Copy from AppPath:\Base_DA.png to C:\LF\$GameID\Base_DA.png
        7.) Copy from AppPath:\Preview_DA.png to C:\LF\$GameID\Preview_DA.png
            and your Game Package is now ready to .tar and/or install!


This will not generate ICONS for your games, you'll need to manually edit the Base_DA and Preview_DA images.

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