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Forum for Leapfrog LeapsterGS
Hi all,
I came to Spiffy Hacks to find out more about the LeapPad homebrew/hacking scene, although I was disappointed to find that there was no thread devoted to the LeapsterGS.

Now, I know that the LeapsterGS isn't exactly a tablet device--but it runs the same hardware as the LeapPad 2 (as confirmed on eLinux), so naturally I would expect it to have some coverage on the forums. However most of the threads make brief mentions of the LeapsterGS, and none are devoted to it.

It would be really great if there was a LeapsterGS forum; I especially need a centralized forum because I'm trying to program my own games that take full advantage of its hardware features, such as its 3D graphics, microphone and camera.

It's a shame that Spiffy Hacks seems less active now. I wish more people were interested.
I might be getting my hands on a Leapster *maybe* GS *maybe not* soon and I will be sure to post updates.
There wasn't really much appeal for me to play flash games on a smaller screen but I've only recently heard about RetroLeap and now the Leapster looks like the perfect candidate for a homebrew handheld.

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