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Backing up stubborn cartridges
Out of a dozen cartridges there was only 1 cartridge that I could not backup with a simple "cp" or "tar".
While the game would load the overlay with buttons was not loading making it unplayable.

The only work around I found, was to trick the system in thinking the physical cartridge was actually in the leappad.
It is probably best to run "df -h" first, to ensure "/LF/Bulk" has sufficient space to hold the contents of "/LF/Cart".

Create an ISO image of the cart

dd if=/dev/mtdblock3 of=/LF/Bulk/fakecart.iso

in /LF/Bulk create a file such as "S99fakecart" and chmod 755 the file

mount /LF/Bulk/fakecart.iso /LF/Cart
cnotify 3

modify /etc/init.d/rcS   and at the very end of the file add to following


reboot the device without the cartridge, and you will notice the bottom right icon shows that the cartridge is inserted and should be fully playable.

You can still insert other cartridges and they will play fine.  Upon removing the cartridge, it will go back to the fakecart image, so no functionality loss.

While you could simply add the contents of S99fakecart directly in the rcS file instead of calling the S99 file. I chose this method in case there where multiple carts to switch from. I thought it would be easier to simply replace the S99 file with the other cart.iso names.

I hope people find this useful.

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