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incorrect firmware?
I updated my daughter's innotab 2, Learning Lodge now tells me it's the newest version. Tried to run the mod, the message i get back is something to the effect of the patch is not correct for this version. I'm using the i2_us_v26.30322_mod. SD Backup here. Any ideas?[/code]
Please post your current version and locale (US, FR, UK)
I'm in the US, I've been unable to determine what version I'm running, but LL tells me it's the latest one.

Ok, I guess FW is 44.30322
When someone gets a chance to patch it, we will post it.
Thank you, I thought I did something wrong. I had never updated so I thought when I did I'd have the correct version.
Did I link the correct file? Any pointers on how to mood the file myself?
Sorry, lost track of this thread. I can try to patch it up today. In order to patch your own firmware, you will need a linux environment such as a virtual machine with ubuntu. I use VMware with a virtual image of ubuntu.
You will need to post the firmware version from the backup you made. You can find the version by going to the settings / about page
44.30322 US

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