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ffmpeg cache folder not found
I am attempting to convert a video with LeapPad Manager onto the leapPad 3. The manager gave the error "ffmpeg cache folder not found" in the status indicator at the bottom.

Worth noting is that it asks me if I would like ffmpeg to be downloaded automatically every time, but the ffmpeg.7z is in the cache folder. So I assume it isn't set up correctly? Attempting to un7zip the ffmpeg.7z doesn't work, 7zip errors out.

Where should I go from here, with this installing of ffmpeg? Apologies if this is an obvious question, I've been reading for a good hour at this point and decided to give up and make a post.

Cheers!  Smile
Please manually download FFMPEG from here https://ffmpeg.org/download.html and place the 'FFMPEG.exe' into the 'LeapPad Manager/Files' folder.

Common misconception, the 'Videocache' folder is where the Leappad Manager stores ONLY temporary Video files (Including the auto-downloaded ffmpeg.7z until it is successfully unzipped to the correct location.)

the Auto-downloaded ffmpeg.7z AFAIK always produces a Corrupted or Unknown format archive, hence why we download it manually and place it in the correct location '{App.Path}/files/ffmpeg.exe'

Hope this helps and sorry it is so late!
Most likely the auto download location has changed so it can no longer auto download. Yup, just download manually

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