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Can I make my own backgrounds?

Yes, grab the theme maker software from the downloads page. You can also grab any of the themes posted on here as well. Currently these themes only work on the LeapPad 2, Power and possibly LeapPad 1, but has not been tested.

Can I compile my own stuff?

You can get the platform source code here:
And more reading here: http://elinux.org/LeapFrog_Pollux_Platfo...nvironment

Can I make my own videos?

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After installing my custom video, it disappears.
This is because you either connected to the internet via USB or WIFI and the software detected the custom video and removed it for you. How nice of them. There is a URL you can block in your router to stop this from happening, but can't remember the URL right now. I will update this when I have time to research it further.

What size are the background themes?

272x480 for the Leap Pad 1 and 2. The Ultra uses a different theme format

How do I access the parent menu?

Push home and vol up at the same time

Are there any special tools for testing and debugging?

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Is there a repair mode?

Leap Pad 2:
Power on the device while holding home, vol down and right on the directional pad. This will boot up to a repair mode where you can then connect it to a computer and attempt to restore the firmware

Leap Pad Ultra and 3:
Power on the device while holding home and right on the D-pad

What are some commands I can run after I have shell access?

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I just went to target last night and bought LeapPad Platinum, I only bought it, because my son needs to watch videos during nap time at school but the school doesn't have wifi, so I need to copy over videos from YouTube and put them onto the Leap Pad Platinum, how do I go about copying some videos onto that Leappad ?
In my LeapPad manager app, it has an option to download videos from youtube and convert them to a video app. I have not tested this with the Platinum though.
Some more special commands

fbctrl <device> <get|set> <command> [args]

Controls framebuffers

Use example:
fbctrl /dev/fb0 set blank 0 -Shows framebuffer 0

display_screen <image path>

Displays the image provided

Use example:
display_screen test.png -would display an image test.png from root


Framebuffer test

Use example:


Powers down device

Use example:

drawtext-fb <device> <file> <text> [<row> [<col> [<mode>]]]

Draws text on screen

Use example:
drawtext-fb /dev/fb1 /var/fonts/monotext8x16.rgb "This is a test" 0 0 0

evtest <device>

Event test

Use example:
evtest /dev/input/eventX

event0 - PowerButton
event1 - KeyPresses
event2 - TouchScreen
event3 - TouchScreen Raw?
event4 - USB

Command: -Not on LeapPad2 ???

GPIO Control return

Use example:
gpio-control /dev/gpio invalue 2 <value>

Left Shoulder = 13
Right Shoulder = 6
A = 3
B = 11
D-Right = 1
D-Left = 8
D-Up = 9
D-Down = 0
Home = 12
Hint = 5

Might I also suggest just running MfgTest directly with
That way you don't have to worry about rm the flags XD

You can also load swf files directly with the following command (Works with Explorer, GS, Ultra)
./LF/Base/Flash/bin/saplayer <flash file>
Sheeeeeeeesh!!! Sorry trying not to show my age. I just joined because I was at goodwill and came across a leappad ultimate and on a quick search showed it can be modded. Brought it home and here I am! I can't find the leappad ultimate fourm help would be appreciated!!!

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