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No Innotab_wf.db file
I am trying to follow the instructions to get the UnitEID and reset my daughters tablet following the advice if it wasnt displayed. I have retransferred a music file but dont appear to have a innotab_wf.db file anymore. Any ideas why this might be and how I can get one to be created.

It should auto create one at some point. Start with a fresh SD card and the tablet off. Plug in the SD card to the tablet and then turn it on. Browse around on the tablet into different apps etc. Then connect it to a PC and transfer a song via the lodge software. Then when its done, disconnect and check to see if your song shows up in the music app. Shut down the tablet and remove the SD card and stick it in your PC. You should then have it. Be sure you are checking the correct location and not the IFSD or whatever its called.
Ah so sounds like my problem is lack on sd card, have to steal my one back out the girlfriends camera. I take it the firmware won't work without sd card then.
You will need an SD card if you wish to modify the firmware and have somewhere to store custom flash apps. You will also need one to get the UnitEID out of the database since the database file will be stored on the SD card.

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