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Win a leap pad 2
Post your questions, concerns, comments or anything else in this thread.

I am not sure when the contest / raffle will end. I will update when I have more information.

All past donations are automatically entered into the contest!
Hope you can at least give it a couple weeks. I think some of us may be able to donate when we get our tax refunds back...(hint, hint)Smile
Don't worry, it will be a while. Smile I have server funds covered for a while and I still want to get some pics up of the prize.
When do you expect to do the "drawing"?
I am still deciding exactly how I want to do it. I might wait for a couple months for the LP2 drawing and do another one sooner for a LP1 loaded with apps. This way more people have a chance to win.

I might go a step further and do a custom paint job on the Leap Pad in a blue color that matches this site Smile
I believe that I will be doing the drawing toward the end of march. I will also try to get the LeapPad ready and post pics along with a list of apps on the device soon.
This will be the last week for donations toward winning a LeapPad 2. I will draw a winner next weekend (Apr 12-13). The winner will be posted here, so if you have donated, please be sure to check back around that time to see if you have won.
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Can't wait to find out who the winner is! Smile
Sorry it got delayed... Ended up bruising my ribs and have been in bed all weekend. I will try to set up a script to choose a winner and post one today.
Well look at that, you ended up being the winner! Way to go bsalapek! I have also decided that for anyone that donates at least $50, they will receive a LeapPad loaded with apps. If you are outside the USA, you may still be required to cover shipping costs.

bsalapek, please PM me your address and I will get it shipped out as soon as I can.

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