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[Tutorial] - Flashing Modified Firmware
Attempting to flash my InnoTab 3s

i have obtained the correct firmware, installed SQLite Manager and got the UnitID. is a SD card required to flash? I've tried placing the downloaded firmware files directly to the internal and reboot but it boots as normal..

I've been reading through the forums trying to find a solution and nothing clearly says it is required. I read that once its flashed its good to go and you can put the stuff on the internal memory. but cant seem to get the execute app to appear so i can run it.

great forums btw a lot of good information! thank you
yes you need a sd card format in fat32
(03-01-2015, 11:38 AM)gazza1988 Wrote: Thank you for the reply.

I don't use a microsd card (but got loads of 2-8gb ones lying around) inside it so do I need to do anything with the "internal" LLN folder? That's where all the downloaded apps are. Also wouldn't there be a conflict with it having 2 database file (one internal and one external) or am I missing the point.

If there is a database on the internal "SD Card" then i believe it merges that database with the SD Card one.  You should not need to touch anything except the main SD Card.
I will place a Fat32 formated SD card in the tab and download a game/song right? this should put the DB on the card? I will try it in a few gotta run some errands first Smile thank you for the quick replys
You just need to place the firmware files for your version on the SD card, boot up and if your device requires the UnitEID, you must open the database and put your UnitEID in for any apps to be run including the execute one. Then go to games and run the execute which will flash your firmware. Please take caution when doing so.
I have added the SDcard and formatted it. I disconnected the tab from the PC and booted it up and shut it down. Checked the SDcard and it had "Innopad_wf". I opened the "Innopad_wf" located on the firmware package I downloaded. When I browse to the games table and the UnitEID field input my UnitEID and save it doesnt take the change.

I need this changed before moving to the SDcard right?

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You are looking at the structure. You need to browse the data and change the value of the row.
**Update** Found the thumbnail tutorial Smile

Awesome it works! Smile thank you for all the help. althoe I have to add each game individually to the SQL file.

Is there a tutorial on using and making cartridge backups?
I have not really made a step by step tutorial on doing so, but you can follow this old one which will get you started http://spiffy360.com/forum/thread-937-post-7786.html

There are apps to add all the games you have to the database. My Innotab manager app will scan the SD card and put them all in the database. It is not 100% and has not been tested on all the tab versions, but you can give that a shot. If you have a text file in the root of your SD with your UnitEID value in it then it will use that and put that value in each entry. I can't remember off-hand what the file was called, but the app should tell you. It will also attempt to find the UnitEID itself first.

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