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[Tutorial] - Flashing Modified Firmware
You need to post more information about the issue if you want further help.
Hi again do I need to purchase a track from learning lodge to get correct unit eid file or just transfer any one
Sorry to be awkward
From what I hear, you just have to connect to the learning lodge and transfer a song to your tablet through the software. You should then be able to restart the tablet, then open the database and find the UnitEID in the music table of the database.
I am having this same issue. I have used both windows explorer and the software vtech gave us to add a song, apps, videos, and i cannot get this db file to show up at all just folders when i look for it.
I believe there is an internal database as well. Try connecting the tablet via USB to the PC and look for the IFSD "Sd Card" then open and look for a database file.
yea I looked in both places even took the sd card out and followed your steps to rebuild the db files but still they are not visable. also for some reason my innotab writes the db file _sd on the sd card only and doesn't give me the unitEid i am using the lastest innotab 3 frimware is 45.40516
If you are using an Innotab 3 then you shouldn't need the UnitEID. I believe you only need it for the wifi devices like the 3s unless the newer firmware requires it as well. I have not played with them much so I don't know 100% how to get the value, just going from feedback from other users.
I have the innotab 3s (well 2 of them) and would like to flash them for 2 reasons.

1. my eldest loves to play angry birds

2. my youngest has special needs and doesn't understand that the cartridge needs to stay in the tablet to play the game.

I've got the firmware and the UnitEID of both (my eldest ripped off the usb cover so its easy to tell them apart so I don't flash the wrong ID to the wrong tablet.

I just have a few questions.

1. In the innopad_wf.db under the games section I have "angry birds" and "execute" I presume execute is the flasher app and I have changed the UnitEID value. Do I need to change the Angry Birds UnitEID value too?

2. I have bought a fair bit of stuff from the store. How do I make the bought stuff work on the tablet? Could I not edit the original innopad_wf.db and add the angry birds line in and use that? along with merging LLN folder (overwriting the  original files with new ones created by this)

3. Will this process wipe data? Like the accounts/customisations? I know files they make (like the pics, videos etc) are in the LLN folder.

4. The innotab has an internal storage of 4GB. Where "SDCARD" is mentioned above does this apply to the internal storage too?
You have to remember that the angry birds that runs after you mod is a cheap knock off of the original and it kind of sucks.

1. Yes execute is the flasher and any app / game that is run from the SD will need the UnitEID added to the database or it won't run.

2. If you have bought apps, this should not affect it. After you flash, you can restore your old LLN folder and add the line for angry birds. You may also need the flash folder on the SD card as well for angry birds and custom flash apps to work.

3. It should not wipe any data. Just rename your old LLN folder and then restore it back after flashing.

4. No, SD card only means the removable card. We have not done anything with the "internal SD card"
Thank you for the reply.

I don't use a microsd card (but got loads of 2-8gb ones lying around) inside it so do I need to do anything with the "internal" LLN folder? That's where all the downloaded apps are. Also wouldn't there be a conflict with it having 2 database file (one internal and one external) or am I missing the point.

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