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Thread repair tool kit factory
Deep Mould provides our customers a total and complete project management from concept, prototyping,mold design,mold fabricating, part injection, product surface finishing to assembling and finally ship to the place of destination. Our team has rich experiences on high quality molds and parts, we own a whole set of advanced and high-precision mold processing system.
Thread Repair Kit Features:
Thread repair kits include everything you need to do the job right, i.e. HSS drill, tap,  installation tool, tang removal tool , all in a tool box.

Clcoil has a full range of problem solving repair kits, available in single or multiple size format.The Single size kit is from M5 to M14 (Metric Size ) ;1/4-1/2 (UNC;UNF) ;Fitness Kit is include 5sizes (M5;M6,M8;M10;M12 ).

Thread Repair Kit Application:
For repairing stripped or damaged threads and for use in alloys, cast iron and other light materials.

Thread Repair Kit Advantages:
1.Increase the service life

2.Increase the intensity of connecting

3.Increase the strength

4.Improve the condition of connecting and increase the carrying capacity

5.Rust proof

6. Increase wear resistance and heat resistance

7. The quantity of inserts can be customized if necessaryThread repair tool kit factory

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