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Sizing Machine manufacturers
Deep Mould provides our customers a total and complete project management from concept, prototyping,mold design,mold fabricating, part injection, product surface finishing to assembling and finally ship to the place of destination. Our team has rich experiences on high quality molds and parts, we own a whole set of advanced and high-precision mold processing system.
This model is a high-tech product, and its technical level is leading domestically, reaching the level of contemporary international advanced products of the same type. It has the functions of unwinding tension automatic control, temperature automatic control, regain self-control, elongation self-control, linear pressure and so on. The machine users all over the country, exported to foreign countries, with high cost performance, is the best choice to replace imported high-end sizing machine.
1Good reliability (excellent processing, advanced support)
2Good controllability (high degree of automation, easy operation)
3High control accuracy (computer automatically controls elongation, temperature, resurgence, etc.)
4Good processability (setting, storage, display, modification and automatic control of various process parameters in the computer)
5Save energy (all cylinders dry, efficient section)
6Cost-effective (can completely replace imported equipment)

Company Profile
JiangYin DeKe Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. was established in 2013, the company is located in the Yangtze River Golden Triangle City, the first of the top 100 counties in the country, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province - "the town of textiles" Zhouzhuang Town, sea, island and air transport facilities. Which is a collection of development, production, sales and service of the textile warping equipment High-tech enterprise.Sizing Machine manufacturers

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