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French Storio, help requested

I've just bought (second hand, obviously) a french Storio for my daughter, but I can't get any custom app to work.
My Sd card looks like this : 

I:.VTech \ _vtech_pa_thumbnails_ \ nand_49__45__50_ \ Pictures \.... 
I: Books \ Title_31D32B92238FDD08923876DD327ED273_58_115605_000_032_V002
I: VTech \Music - Pictures - Video

No LLN folder, no Innopad.db. So I can't do much.
I've seen that 4 years ago, in the thread "It is a possible Firmware for Storio 1 Spanish", Deak Phreak answered to somebody with the same error : "You need to have an actual SD card, you can't use the internal system", which seems to have fixed his issue. 

Unfortunately, this is really the content of my sdcard (taken from my storio and plugged to my computer, or directly read from the plugged storio).

I also found a FR-freRecoverCardTool to hard reset the Storio and inserted a formatted sdcard afterwards. No change at all. When using Explor@ Park to copy pictures to my sdcard, it creates the I: "VTech \Music - Pictures - Video" structure. I've also tried to buy a Book, which has been transferred to a newly created "\Books folder". But still no LLN folder.

Just want to add that I'm a engineer/software developer, so I kind of understand what I'm talking about (which doesn't mean I never make errors Smile).
If somebody could help me, I'd be very grateful Smile

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