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Flashing LeapPad Ultimate (or LeapTV)
I have got my hands on a LeapPad Ultimate. Tried to do the usual routine with DFTP>surgeon>flash, but I cannot get surgeon to work.

I see that elinux mentions an alternate flashing procedure (using fuse updater) and googling shows that some of you were using that for flashing LeapTV. As Ultimate seems to have a similar architecture to LeapTV (the main chip is the same), could someone share the procedure for flashing firmware with fuse?

Unfortunately, the touch screen and the cart slot are not working well anymore (don't ask), so this might limit my options. Still I have a serial connection, if that is needed.
I did manage to get surgeon to work and DFTP seems to work, but when I try uploading the system files (e.g. erootfs), the file is sent to the device, but it does not seem to be flashed at all. Possibly I am missing something, the description at elinux is not that clear...

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