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[App] Spiffy Video Converter
How about a way to save settings so I don't have to adjust them each time?
Good idea, but I did lose the source code when my hard drive was corrupted. I can possibly build it into my new converter app if I ever release it.
Hi there. I'm not sure if i'm missing something here but i can't get this to work Does with with Win 64bit?
I've tried downloading the 64bit version of ffmpeg and copied it (both the idividual exe file and the complete folder) to both the 'Program files' and 'Program files (x86)' folders but every time i run the Spiffy Converter it just says that the ffmpeg.exe is missing. Any ideas. Thanks!
Then you are placing the exe in the wrong place. You need to place the ffmpeg.exe into where the spiffy converter program is located. So after you download the app and extract the files, you will see the spiffy video converter exe file. You need to copy the ffmpeg into this folder alongside the spiffy video converter exe.

If you can't get it working with the InnoTab Max, I can look into posting my new converter app. It was made specifically for me to convert videos from my 808 keychain camera into more versatile mp4 videos, convert videos into mp4 and avi that are compatible with my xbox media player which is what I use throughout my house to watch stuff and to convert mkv bluray videos into smaller, more compatible mp4 videos which I put on an external hard drive for my samsung smart tv. Anyway, it does a lot more since it was made for myself, but I lost the source code of this converter so if I need to make an update, I will have to add it to my new converter app.
Got it working now, and eventhough AVI they still work on the Innotab Max. Thanks

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