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LeapPad Problems
Hi. I am here to explain what happened VERY BAD TO MY LEAPPAD Exclamation . When I try to charge the leappad it does not show the charging sign but does light up. When I turn on the LeapPad it makes weird effects and just disappear but does light up. THE WORST WORST WORST WORST THING THAT HAPPENED WAS MY PHOTOS ARE GONE AND AND AND I I I I NEVER BACKED THEM UP Angry . Can someone help me, please because it is an emergency? It was my favorite leappad Sad .  The LeapPad it happened to was the LeapPad Ultra that I own. Thank You. 

Help needed for,
Chris Eric Exclamation Angry  Sad

EDIT: When try to tun it up it shows tunning up Leapster Explorer and when at 5% it fails.

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