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Witch firmware for Storio Max Baby ?
Hi all, I'm a little confused about witch firmware I should use.
I have this Storio: https://www.vtech-jouets.com/storio-max-baby.html

V: 34.7JB67

I don't know if I need to find the same firmware, or if I can use another one.
I even don't know what is the good forum for this tablet:

InnoTab ?
InnoTab 2 - Storio 2 ?
InnoTab 2s ?
InnoTab 3 ?
InnoTab 3s ?
InnoTab Max ?

Thanks for your help.
I believe the words InnoTab and Storio are interchangeable. If you have the Max, it is not a matter of patching a firmware, but rather getting root access on the device.
Hi, yes I saw about the name innotab and storio.
It was more about max "baby", I didn't if the "baby" was compatible with others "max".
Ok, and you mean I better should just root?
I don't need to change the firmware then?
I am not familiar with the Max family devices, but they should all be running on android, so there won't be any firmware patching on any type AFAIK. Yes, you need to root the device. You can follow the tutorials in the Innotab Max threads and see if they work for your device. If you are new to android systems, be aware there are always risks involved where something can go wrong and brick the device.
Thanks for your reply.
It's ok I rooted it with kingoroot.
I just spent a day to try to install .bin carts.
With sqllite etc.. but games wont appear.
I think I'll give up this part and mostly install android apk.
Thanks anyway Wink

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