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[App] - Auto DB
AutoDB mod by yoshi

.zip   AutoDB_v0.1.zip (Size: 808.18 KB / Downloads: 6,921)

  1. What it does ?

    This program will automaticly update the sqlite database with games present on sdcard.
    This way, when you make a backup of a cartridge, it will autmatically add the entry to the database.
    So wo will be able to play that game from the game menu of the tab without the need to edit the database manually on your computer.

    It is also possible to specify the name and curriculm (sub text shown in "Donwloads" menu of tab) and an icon file
  2. How it works

    Put cartridge games backups in SD:\LLN\APPS\CARTS
    To have personalized name in the menu, for a "game.bin" create a file "game.txt" with 2 lines
    Game Full Name
    Game details (optional)

    And put game.ico to ilustrate the game

    For downloaded games, put folders in SD:\LLN\APPS\Games
    .txt and .ico files should be the folder. (could be any name for those as far as there is only one of each in the folder)
    Downloaded games must be decrypted. (Should have a "_Run" file in that folder)
    Also work the same way for any flash game.

    If a game already exist in database, it will only uptade name and curricilum (from .txt file).
    For icon file, if database already contain one, update will ignore it in order to save some time.
    If ico file exist and the game record in database hasn't, it will be added.

  3. How to install

    You need a flased tab (thanks is0mick) to run games from sd, but you already know it.
    Donwload the AutoDB mod from here
    Use a new/empty sd card or rename the folder "LLN" to "LLN_save" to avoid loosing data.
    Extract zip file to the base of SD Card. It will create a new "LLN" folder.
    When done instaling you can delete LLN folder and rename back LLN_save

    But first put SD in the tab and power it on.
    Login, go to "download" then "Other" and click on "AutoDB mod"

    You will see the full menu.
    Press camera button to install mod in the tab.
    Then, you can turn of tab and use your original sd or LLN folder.

  4. Autorun mode

    Once installed, program will run at each start up.
    Execution happen when screen goes black after Innotab/Storio logo.
    It will take longer to startup. How long will depend of how many games you have.
    Program will update database withe game present on your sdcard (see 2.)
    No special text will attest of running program.

  5. Special keys for Autorun mode

    Help button:
    Programm will be skipped at starup

    Camera button:
    Force uptade of icon file. In case you changed some.

    Press button during Innotab/storio logo and hold it down for 5 seconds after screen going black

  6. Other functions

    If your run the program from "Download" menu and "Other" "AutoDB Mod"
    You will see the full menu. Each entry are pretty self understable.

    Most relevant is "uninstall" option, it will remove hte hijack (programm running at startup)
    but revoming itself from the database.

  7. Thanks

    Big thanks to
    is0mick for starting innotab hacking.
    Deak Phreak for the spiffy hack

    And voila.
    Hope you will enjoy it and be usefull.

    Any feedback are welcome.
No camera button on the I3, Sad
I tried the D-pad but no luck.
Any suggestions?
If yoshi joins the forums here, please reply to this and I will set you as the poster of this mod so you can edit it as needed

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