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Custom Flash
I was able to get a custom flash game working on the Leap Pad 2. It has not been tested on the other devices. I added the download to the Downloads section
Hi i cant seem to find link if you can please post again thanks!
The downloads page has everything http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-16.html
I tried replacing the SWF file in your gold miner game with a few others I downloaded with limited success, Seems anything made for newer than about Flash Player 9 is out.
most games i've tried to install quit right back to the home screen.
Yea I doubt there are a whole lot of flash apps that will work. You should be able to use any of the custom ones posted in the innotab downloads thread.
From the elinux website:


The swf file must be ActionScript2 and compiled for versions no higher than Flash Player 8.
Flash Mario runs alright, a little laggy, and the butons are for portrait mode but other than that it's fine

[Image: 7thKMrf.jpg?2][Image: CIE0nZ6.jpg?1]

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