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General Backup
Hi from France and sorry to bother you.

Hope someone will have time to give me a quick answer as Christmas is coming . I bought an used innotab max 5 for my 5 years' olddaughter with some games and story downloaded by the previous owner. He didn't' give me the access code to his Vtech account. As i want to create a new one and make my own purchase, is there anyway to save those downloaded app and reinstall them once i reset the tablet to create my own profile ?

i used this  thread to enter the debug mode successfully and now i'm stuck.

Thank's for your time and answer.

you'll probably need root to access the files or the data which is stored in data/data if i remember.
Vtech started to disable root access in later firmwares.

well i tried to get root access using su command but i got permission denied. I think i 'm gonna ruin my daughter's Christmas ! And when a try to open the date folder this one is empty
If it is anything like an android phone, some folders will be blank unless they are mounted. Did you see this post http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-971-post-5...ml#pid5466?

I wouldn't be messing with the device if it is a Christmas present and this close to Christmas. Buy one for yourself to mess with or wait until the kid gets bored with it Wink
Thank's 4 your answer. Any chance to have the proper command line as i am on windows 7 ?

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