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Copy pics/video/etc via FTP?
Having an odd problem, and support isn't helping my frustration.  Basically it looks like videos and pictures taken by my kids can no longer be transferred to a PC if they have already been transferred in the past.  Looks like the files are flagged somehow.  Now if I take a new pic it immediately shows up in the "Creativity Gallery".  However all of the existing pics do not, and I can't get them onto the PC anymore.  Is there any way of doing this via FTP?  I have LeapPad Manager working and the device is in Dev Mode.  I am connected successfully via FileZilla. Thanks so much!
I am actually not sure where it stores the pictures and videos. One thing you could do is just FTP everything over to a folder on your PC and then search that whole folder on your PC for .jpg or whatever ext the pictures are stored as. This may help find where they are located. This is what I would do if I were you.
1.) Pictures are stored in:

2.) Videos are stored in:

3.) If you have the official MP3 player app, your music is stored in:

4.) If you ever wanted to reset the photo/video trailing number's
(E.G: After receiving second hand tab)

In the folder "\LF\Bulk\Data\Local\All" open the file "indexing.json"
and change the number values to 0:

{"lf_art_index": 0,"lf_photo_index": 0,"lf_video_index": 0}
Some vids/pics were showing on the device but no in offical app to save...
Used above method to get them all...
1.) Pictures are stored in:

2.) Videos are stored in:

Thank you!

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