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innotab 2 original app back up
Can anyone help, im trying to get face race off my sons innotab 2 and put on his 3s but cant seem to get it to work. Ive dumped the system files and found 3 different files that are called face race or similar, iv looked on squilte database editor and i copied the file which it said on there where it gets it from. But it doesnt work. Any help would be great as my son is crazing me for it. Thanks
I believe that is one of the "built in" games. I am not sure if you will be able to easily get it and put it on another system or at least without some effort. You will most likely need to find all the files associated with the game and copy those all over.
I did have another quick look and found in 1 of the folders was the sounds etc and similar in the other 2 folders but i couldnt see a run file anywhere. Ive also managed to get the dummy cart from the system dump and that works fine on the 3s. Any help would be great. Thanks deak
Im still lost, as i change the spiffy hack and then did a system dump on my 3s. But then to find face race is already on there. I just havent got a clue. I added it into the same database as h2o and colour and pop. Think it was innotab_if then i added the database to my memory card along with the original innotab_wf.
Can anyone help me with this? Thanks
If it is there, I assume it would work. Maybe you are pointing to the wrong location. What info did you use when adding it to your database?
Deak if i sent you a link to my 3s system dump would you please be able to have a look for me? Thanks
post what you added to your database for the game
I tried adding this ' ./face_race.title' then type 256 as i got it from other directory. I tried adding it to the innopad_wf which didnt work and then innopad_In where the other 2 games were.
this is what was in the _run file


cd /vp_mnt/Bundle

./ means "current directory" The game is not in the same folder as the database file. You are most likely pointing to the wrong location. /vp_mnt/Bundle/facerace_title.sh Try that. Or /vp_mnt/Bundle/face_race.title something like that.

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