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Video playback *Working*
Hi All,

I've seen a few people asking for Video playback of various episodes on their platinums and i did write a post back december 2015 detailing how i did a workaround but it seems to be missed - http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-630-post-4...ml#pid4055

Heres a more detailed method - it works but by no means is perfect.

My Workaround

Pros -

Working Video playback with Gallery video player with no audio lag / delay / syncing issues

Cons -
No filename or video name listed in the player window so you have no idea what you are playing (i.e episode) unless you add the title to the thumbnail / cover image with a paint program
No timeline scrolling the video playback with stock video player

The option to delete the file could be pressed by little fingers (son proved this on various occasions)

Creating the video files

I first used a media scanner program to determine the audio / video codecs used by a native platinum from a camera video recording
URL if you are interested testing - https://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo/Download
From my testing I found the file was encoded with h.264 video, the audio i don’t recall but its essentially mp3 audio and theres works well with no audio delay / syncing issues, you can probably play around with the bitrate a bit to reduce file size if required but mp3 is fairly well optimised

Once you have you have your video file say ripped from DVD / BR (i wont go into this here), or downloaded, or pulled from youtube etc you need to encode it into an mp4 file with the following criteria - for this i use Handbrake - https://handbrake.fr/downloads.php

From within Handbrake -

· Load the Source file (i.e DVD rip) and Set a destination file name with the default .mp4 file extension

· Set the Anamorphic setting to “None”, Aspect Ratio to disabled, Framerate to 30 constant and the video resolution to 800 x 600 (anything smaller will not fit the video playback window pixel for pixel and the leappad video player doesn’t appear to scale to size)

· Set the Audio Codec to MP3 (as I said above you can play around with the bitrate etc if you want to save space but this is untested)

· Click Start and wait for the encode to complete

One the file is encoded rename the file following this naming convention otherwise it will not be detected correctly.

Filename_video_1.avi (notice the underscores, the “video”, the numbering system and the extension becomes .avi rather than .mp4)

Grab a piece of cover art for the video file from a google search that is of the same resolution i.e 800x600, then resize the same or an additional image to 136x102 pixels for the thumbnail image, you can use a different size image but ensure the cover is resized to 800x600 and the thumbnail to 136x102

Rename the cover image to Filename_video_cover_1.avi and the thumbnail image to Filename_video_thumb_1.avi

If you have multiple episodes as i mentioned above you could either add some overly text to the image files i.e Series 1 – episode 1 or choose a different image file pair for easier recognition of each episode

As a simple explanation of the file naming convention you can use the below from a peppa pig file

Once i had the peppa pig file ripped from dvd and encoded with handbrake with the above criteria and the two image files i gave them the following names

Peppa_Pig_Video_1.avi (Rename the file extension from .mp4 to .avi)
Peppa_Pig_Video_cover_1.jpg (image is 800x600)
Peppa_Pig_Video_thumb_1.jpg (image is 136x102)

Next you need to copy these across to the Leadpad via FTP

To get the LeapPad into FTP you need to use the Dereks LeapPad Manager application and choose the "Development Tools" - "Load Dev Mode" option
Ignore the given IP - you can find the devices assinged IP from your broadband routers connected devices page (i wont cover this here)

Use an FTP app to connect to the LeapPad - supply the IP address, Username is "root" Password is "" i.e blank
Once connected to FTP browse to the following locations and copy the above mentioned video / image files across

Video files go here - /LF/Bulk/Data/Local/All/Videos
Covers go here - /LF/Bulk/Data/Local/All/Videos/covers
Thumbnails go here - /LF/Bulk/Data/Local/All/Videos/thumbs

As long as all of the above is completed you should now see the video file in the gallery video section – A reboot may be required

When playing the video you should initially see the video file shown by the thumbnail image, Once selected you should then see the cover image before pressing play.

if you get frequent crashing of video playback please check the video and audio codec and framerate are set correctly as above

I hope this works for some of you Smile


P.s - some of you may find that the LP is stuck in dev mode and you can no longer connect to the LP Manager tool, to remove dev mode manually delete the developer entry in \flags\ directory via FTP then reboot

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