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Regarding Ultra
Ok so I have 2 for my kids and I've been looking at this site for a while now. But my question is, what can I do with the leap pad ultra? I have games for them but would like to hack it somehow. Esp to use a browser so they can watch youtube freely. Also is there no custom games that can be added like old emulators or something? Or even maybe install android on it since it seems to be a tablet like that. Any help would be great. I just want to utilize the leap pad ultras more.
You cant really just turn it into an Android and using a browser for youtube would be difficult.  The best thing for videos would be to use the LeapPad Manager app to download youtube videos and convert them to be installed to the device.  The app can handle all of that.

You can get simple flash games installed.  I only did one as a proof of concept.  There are a few others posted in the Innotab forums that should work on the LP as well.  I don't remember if I tested them on the Ultra though.

What games / apps do you have installed?  I did manage to get Doom and Duke Nukem running on the Ultra, but that is not for the faint hearted.  It sure took a TON of work setting up an environment to compile, finding source code, modifying it to work with the LP buttons etc.  I believe I got Hexen and Heritic working as well and packaged them up into a single .tar installer.

Finally, if you know your way around Linux, you can get Shell access to poke around and mess around on the device.

Also note, if you install custom apps / games, they will get wiped out if you connect to the PC or WIFI.

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