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Did we buy a lemon?

We bought our daughter the platinum.
She seems like it, we bought her the Peppa Pig epidodes.

My worry is now when she wants Ben and holly on... they don't have that to purchase. 
How do I get vidoes on the platinum? Please there must be a way. Tried looking through but can't find anything for this pad a platform. 

Thank you.
I made an app to convert and install videos to the LeapPad, but people have posted that it is not working on the Platinum. I do not have one to test with, so as of now, I don't think there is a way.
Hello. Thanks for getting back to me. Got it to work using your app. Good work with thqt btw. Althiguh, They disappears when WiFi connects and the picture size when playing is a quarter of the screen size.
It's like the video player only is that size. Also is there a way to put videos full sized into the gallery? I literally cannot seem to find a way.
Any apps installed that were not purchased from the store will be wiped out by the device. You have to either keep re-installing or stay offline. The video size might be due to the video player or the config settings of the custom video app. I can't debug / test since I do not have one. You can mess around with the meta.inf file and see if there is anything in there to make it work.

It has been a long time since I have messed with the app... It might also be the size it converts to. I set everything based on the LeapPad 2 and Ultra that I have. You could always do manual converting via command line and ffmpeg to see if it is the video size. In the app where it tells you to modify the image, you can then simply swap out the video for your created video and then let the app do the rest and package it up. This way you can test to see if the converted size makes a difference.
What I did on the LP2 and Ultra was take a purchased video and extracted it to see how it was bundled. I noticed that if the tablet did not already have a video purchased, it also did not have the video player so I put in a check to see if it was missing and install it. If the Platinum is missing a video player and then my app installs the one from the LP2, that may also be causing that issue.
My Video post - http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-1007.html

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