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AutoDB InnoTab 3s / Storio 3s
Pour le tuto bonne idée mais regarde mon tuto http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-73.html je viens de le terminer et j'explique comment utiliser autoDB.
Si ça ne fait pas double emploi...
Pour les histoires, il semblerait que la présence d'un fichier .ico soit nécessaire
ton dernier lien marche pas dav
EDIT davbarr: corrigé merci
Mise à jour d'AUtoDB v 0.2a
Merci b0bba
hi need some help with the 3s please .
ive manage to rip a caridge games to the sd card but its not showing up in the sqlite manager.
could someone show me how to get the autodb working so i can see the games like on the innobab 2 and then get to edit them cheers
please explain in newbie term as i'm lost at how to get this autodb to show up on the 3s....... (You must have added an mp3 via explor@ Park
or create a text file containing your UnitEID at the following location:


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