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on board memory question - machineguns - 01-25-2015

I just scavenged 2 leappad ultras to make one working unit. My hope was to use the motherboard from my daughter's unit and simply replace the screen. She had left it in the rain and my theory is her mom's boyfriend got mad and threw it breaking the screen....when I got it, it powered up and seemed to be only the screen that did not function....so that is how I began by buying a couple of Ebay specials that had one with a locked up computer and the other with a broken screen...I knew that could piece those and make a good unit, but surmised I could save my daughters.......to no avail though, it won't recognize the charger, even tried swapping batteries...just doesn't work...........won't run without it being plugged up to AC, the USB cable lets it turn off, but shuts off after getting to the user select. Bottom line is, I haven't given up yet....if I can locate the 8gb chip, perhaps I can swap it out, but the only chip that I see on it is not the memory card as I tried that it has no affect, it does something else. QUESTION, anyone know where the 8gb chip is on these? I haven't explored the remainder of the system, figured it was dedicated to the screen function?

RE: on board memory question - Deak Phreak - 01-25-2015

I am not familiar enough with the Ultra, but have you verified that the battery is good? I have one that will shut off due to a bad battery.

RE: on board memory question - machineguns - 01-25-2015

It wasn't the battery, and yes, I did try that as I had 2 from the Ebay auction that I tried to no avail, the board that got wet did have damage....apparently to the charging circuitry. I tried the other 2 batteries which work fine, including the one that got wet by trying them all out on both scenarios. I put this Ultra back together several times ruling out batteries. Thanks though. Do you have any source for the schematic of the board or any other links with technical data?

RE: on board memory question - Deak Phreak - 01-26-2015

I do not, sorry. Sounds like you have really tried hard to get your Ultra working. I have a few Ultras with various issues, but doubt any of them would be able to help you out.