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Coming soon... LeapPad 3 - snipa - 06-25-2014

Check it out, here:

Built-in Lithium-Ion battery, WiFi and Web Browser.

Looks like it runs the same OS and Apps, though?? Will be interesting to see....

RE: Coming soon... LeapPad 3 - Deak Phreak - 06-25-2014

Sigh, looks the same as what is out. I don't really see any features that are new to what is already out, maybe just a lower price since its a smaller screen then the Ultra. I personally like the Ultra tablets and my kids love them. I see them playing all types though "Innotab, LeapPad 2 and LP Ultra" I don't think the kids really care too much, as long as it has fun apps.

RE: Coming soon... LeapPad 3 - fargoadvice - 06-26-2014

Heh - my duaghter:

Innotab 3S = "My Drawing Tablet"
Leappad 2 = "My books and stories"
Kurio 7S = "My fruit ninja and monkey preschool"

LOVE to know that she has too much, but that LP3 looks like it's just a bit smaller and what-not - essentially a 'consumer refresh' to jack up the sales Smile

Let's hope Android supports the processor Big Grin Big Grin

RE: Coming soon... LeapPad 3 - snipa - 11-29-2014

Anyone had the opportunity to have a poke around with one of these yet?

RE: Coming soon... LeapPad 3 - Deak Phreak - 11-29-2014

nope not yet

RE: Coming soon... LeapPad 3 - huckleberrypie - 12-16-2014

I'm afraid the way VTech sells its applications is its biggest bane from what I've read. Apps and carts cost around several times more than the ones on Google Play, plus the fact that there are a mother lode of cheapo kids tablets and special kids editions of certain tablets.

That isn't to say that there's no real merit to VTech and Leapfrog's offerings, though. Of course they cover a niche, and it would be even more 'swell once work has been done with the ITM.