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Simple ABC or 123 Game? - amykay - 12-18-2017

I'm trying to find something simple to entertain my toddler on a trip - are there any (legal) free games about ABCs or 123s (or other simple pre-preschool level stuff), you can direct me to? I can convert flash games over as well, if you know of anything.
I know theres a whole list of games on here, but theres so many, I figured it would be faster to just ask. Smile
Thank you so much.

RE: Simple ABC or 123 Game? - padraig - 01-02-2018

You might want to try using this website.


it tells you the games were made in flash 4 and I installed a game successfully without any issue.

step 1: locate your beloved game
step 2: go to file2HD website
step 2a: accept terms, click on objects and hit enter
step 3: right click on the files and save to desktop
step 4: make sure you rename the file in according to the gold mine game and use Daek's naming convention.
step 5: install with leappad Manager.

The quality is not close compared to the websites but its still a game for the kids and free.