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Innopad 3S v81.61128 - Jslapointe - 08-02-2017

Good day,

If somebody has the modified firmware for the v.81.61128 I would like to have it or if not, here is my firmware file.

Locale: FR - Francais
Version: 81.61128
Link : http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/rmLtyCui/file.html

I am seeing the modified one in the firmware request forum  but the link is dead.

Thanks in advance

RE: Innopad 3S v81.61128 - Deak Phreak - 08-02-2017


RE: Innopad 3S v81.61128 - Deak Phreak - 08-02-2017

I had you in the wrong group again. You should finally be able to post in the firmware requests in case you come across another that needs to be patched.

RE: Innopad 3S v81.61128 - Jslapointe - 08-03-2017

Tanks Smile