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Full Version: Storio 2 v74.30321 German
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Please help!!!
Need for Storio 2 a modded firmware.

My Firmware Backup:

Firmware v74.30321 DE


Sorry. I mean v74.30321

I join the search for for a German modded Firmware for version 74.30321. Confused

Nobody out there who can help?

Thanx!!!  Rolleyes
Sure there are people who can help, but we are quite busy so it will take some time to get to it. If you are looking for a patch faster, you can post in the firmware request forum to get a priority. It is also hard to keep track of all the firmware request threads posted all over here. I can lose track pretty easy.
Hello, i need this one too... But i can't find it for german Storio 2.

Or can i downgrade to 44.30321? But i have no Backup from this.

Huh Huh Huh
it would need to be dumped again
how do I make a backup?
thxs Smile
(11-11-2016, 07:02 AM)motze Wrote: [ -> ]how do I make a backup?
thxs Smile

http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-1.html Download the Innotab Backup script

Please mod my Firmware Smile thxs

Firmware v74.30321 DE

I will try to when I get a chance. I have been quite busy lately.
no problem.
Take the time you need.
Thank you for trying.
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