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Full Version: CNC medical parts factory
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Product Name: Medical dental nail  for medical
Product Link: medical dental nail
Product Description

1. Standard: DIN, IFI, JIS and ISO standard or non-standard per drawing & sample
2. Material: Steel - 4.6/8.8/10.9/12.9, Stainless Steel- A2/A4,304,316,409,410,439 Brass, Aluminum..
3. Dimension: nail custom base on 2D,3D drawing(CAD,Solidworks....)
4. Finish: Zinc White, Zinc Yellow, Black Oxide, Nickel Plated, Dacromat..
5. Packing: Poly Bag, Small Box, 1/4 Cartons + EURO/CEP Pallet
6. Delivery: 25/75 days in general, depends on quantity requirementCNC medical parts factory