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Full Version: Games Thumbnails (pictures / icons)
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Hello Spiffy Team,

I'm French (sorry Smile), but I write this post in english as it will be of interest of every ones !

I'm new to InnoTab (Storio here), and discovered your forum 4 days ago, immediately patched my (my boy's one) innotab II and harvested the Net to find games (found, french, not easy !) --> look in yggtorrent site.

Then, I hardly found my way in applications to easily make the games referenced in the device, ok, even found a script that also imported pictures/thumbnails of games... ok...

and I decided to create my owns, my son don't know how to read yet and the pictures was the ones of the cardrides... too small in 57x57.

so, after arround 3 hours of picture editors and 3B browser for SQLite app, I made it, and decide to give them to the community Smile

2 icons / thumbnails packs: with the "Age" info, and without.

How to use them ?
1) using database editor (lilke me "3B browser for SQLite"), import manually each icon.
2) for games in .bin format, use the .txt file you generate for each file... and the AutoDB app....

Result is good from my point of view Smile