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Full Version: Firmware + games on innotab 3 junior (storio 3 baby)
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I got the french version of innotab 3 junior (storio 3 baby) and I'm looking for a custom firmware of this tablet. Problem is that all firmwares on this forum (for this tablet) are not anymore available.

I got this version of firmware: Baby v48.40616 (this is the link in the firmware thread)

I have searched everywhere on the net too and find nothing Sad , maybe I miss something, so my last hope is that someone in this forum could give me this firmware or a link to find it.

I don't find games too, I would really appreciate if someone send me a mp with a link.

Thx a lot & merry christmas
You need the firmware for the same version as yours. If there is not one or the link is dead, you will have to dump your firmware and post it to be modded.
OK, Deak Phreak, thx. So the best I can do is firstly update the firmware (if available), then dump firmware? How can I dump firmware and post it properly? Is there a topic with explanations in this forum? There's many topics and I don't want to do mistakes.
http://spiffyhacks.com/thread-1.html You will see the Innotab Backup which will dump your firmware
Fine, I'll do it soon, thx