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Full Version: Innotab 3 US Modified firmware
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I meant to make this thread and upload the Modified FW in the middle of September, but here we are now.
Since I am experienced at Linux, I decided to make a modified firmware for my Niece's Innotab 3.

I made the normal mod to the RunApp file, and I also added my own tweaks to it.

You can launch scripts in internal eMMC (in /vp_mnt/if_dlg) and external microSD card (/vp_mnt/SD), from the downloads menu, You just have to make entries in the database in /vp_mnt/if_dlg or /vp_mnt/SD, to point to a directory that you made that contains the run script that you made (I think it has to be named _Run.sh, if I remember correctly, the RunApp file is somewhere on one of my other computers. lol)

Please note though, that I took the firmware to mod from my Niece's "Disney Princess" Innotab 3, so I think it might be just the loading screens that are pink.

Enjoy, let me know what you think! :-)

Download here