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Full Version: Firmware please
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hello  im looking for the firmware for a us innotab 1 so i can flash it. the links dont work anymore can someone  pm it to me or a cloud drive please.
What firmware version is it?
(02-13-2017, 01:41 AM)h0ppal0ng Wrote: [ -> ]What firmware version is it?

Sorry. I'm not sure. I don't have the tablet yet I won it on a FB auction. 
I just assumed all in The original innotabs were the same firmware. 
I will post the firmware version once I get it.
Sorry again.
picked up the tablet today and the firmware says 7.11110
does anyone have the firmware or know where i can get a patched version?
You might not need a firmware mod. Older Innotab 1's did not need to be patched.
how do i find out if i need a patch?. i tried to load InnoTab_Backup.zip (extracted of course) from the sd card and nothing shows up in the downloads section.
2 Things. First, when I  try to get the firmware they won't work saying it has been removed.  Second, Can I please have the firmware for the kidzoom cams and the watches.