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I need some help with the spiffyhack download on my 3s, i can back up games/ebooks fine that i have downloaded from the store. But i cant get the details/image from the database file. It useto work perfectly on my innotab 2. You would find the details in decrypted games or books in the innotab_if database. Thanks
I don't have a 3s so I most likely wont be of much help. I would look through the spiffyhack script to see what it is doing and where it is pulling info from and then manually check to see if you can find it. It might also copy the database to your SD card so you could look and see if it is there with those games / apps in it and see if the icon is in that database you can pull from.
Can i use a program on windows to do it as i dont have a linux system running. Thanks
well the spiffyhack is just a bash script, you can open that and look at it in any text editor. I don't remember if it pulls the database when it copies the apps and games, but if it does, you can open that database with an SQL editor to view the contents.

You will most likely need to do a lot of Google searching if you are not familiar with bash or SQL databases.
could the image be in any of the folders of the backed up ebook? thanks
Possibly. I really don't know what to tell you. It has been at least 2 years or so since I messed with any of that. Id say just search on their online store for an image of the app then just stick it in your database... after you convert it of course. THere are tutorials on here for that.
If i added this to run file what I got from the 3s system dump to the spiffyhack run file, would this then be what id need so that the pictures would add to the database. or something similar? Thanks
if [ -e /vp_mnt/sd/LLN/Innopad_wf.db ]; then
echo "Innopad.db already exist in SD"
cp /vp_mnt/Bundle/buildin_db/Innopad_wf.db /vp_mnt/sd/LLN/Innopad_wf.db
Just copy the internal one to a different name and then open it in an SQL editor to see if what you want is even in that database. If you copy it over your old one, you will lose your current database info.
Hi deak, ive now got a US innotab 1 which has some downloadable content which you can only get in usa. The problem im having is that the latest spiffyhack doesnt work on it. Is there a certain version of the hack that would work on the US innotab 1? Thanks
I never messed with the Innotab 1 much. I thought they were worthless ha ha. I took one out to the mountains and shot it with a shotgun.
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