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LeapTV Host File Information/Recommendation
Hey guys,

You're LeapTV on boot and every now and then communicate with leapfrogs servers.

Your leaptv uploads logs, profile, what you have installed etc, etc.

Now this can be annoying because any modifications that you make to your device will be reverted.

To prevent this you can change your HOST file, your HOST file basically overrides your DNS allowing you to redirect domains to any desired ip.

This file is located @ /etc/hosts and can be opened with any text editor. I use notepad++

There are several urls that leaptv uses:

Package Management:

Device Management:

Device Log Upload:

Device Profile Content:

Rewards Store:

LF Connectivity Check:

Now the urls you need to block are, Package Management, Device Log Upload(Just don't like uploading logs ok lol),  Device Profile Content.

To do this open your host file and you will see something like this localhost LF-4A1030000001100BC165
# end LF-4A1030000001100BC165

what you want to do is redirect those urls to (localhost/your device) so it looks like this localhost  devicelog.leapfrog.com  services.leapfrog.com  services.leapfrog.com LF-4A1030000001100BC165
# end LF-4A1030000001100BC165

You can undo these changes at any time by simply removing the entries, but I would suggest to just back up your host file and restore it if necessary.

Once these changes are in place keep in mind that you won't be able to download any new purchased games.
normally hosts file contains only ip address to hostnames mappings, so most probably you should put there only something like: devicelog.leapfrog.com services.leapfrog.com
Correct services.leapfrog.com devicelog.leapfrog.com rewards.leapfrog.com

I'm pretty certain that below would take care of it all .... leapfrog.com
If you modify /etc/package-manager.conf and modify the line below it will ignore any changes you make to system and not remove your stuff.


This directs to a new package file and doesn't allow the system to see changes.

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