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Custom Games - confirmed working games
I've been using the Leap pad Manager programming to put some Flash games on my little one's Leappad.

I don't think I can share the tar files here for obvious copyright reasons but I thought it would at least be useful to confirm the games I have gotten working so far -

Dora Space Adventure
Dora Matching cards game
Dora Pirate Adventure
Dora Puzzle Bridge
Dora Spooky Forest
Duck Dodgers Space Shooter game
Peppa Pig Puzzle

I'll post any more that I can find that work, would be grateful if anyone else who has had success could do the same.
If the games are freely available online, then you are welcome to share the tar files.
Thanks Deak, but not really sure. I mean, they're freely available on several sites to play but I don't know as to the distribution side of things and I wouldn't want to get anyone in trouble. If that's sufficient though I'll try and get time to tidy them up a bit with proper pics and meta files to lost.

In the meantime, most of them are just a Google search away! Has needed a fair bit of trial and error just to get that list together, such are the limitations of Flash Lite for the Digital Home.
confirmed working...Curve Ball, I was also able to confirm Dora Space Adv.
can you get angry birds from the inno download forum to work?

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