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How to get ADB access and WIP Status
(02-06-2015, 08:22 PM)danios Wrote: hi i am a total newb when it comes to all this tech stuff,  i was wondering if anyone has a video tutorial on how to do this/software needed to accomplish the task. i bought this for my son and i'm spending a fortune on games that he doesn't like or play. but hes always playing talking tom i my ipod so i want to be able to install it on his max. any help or even a dumbed down step by step would be amazing thanks so much.

same here man 
Nouveau sur le forum, je veux bien participer a des essais .
j ai 3 storios max
une avec amazon store, task bar apres passage en recovery
les deux autres, des clones apres copie de la carte microsd interne de la premiere
maintenant je cherche a utiliser ma dizaine de jeux cartouches sans les cartouches ...
Bonjour, est ce qu'il est possible que quelqu'un nous fasse un tuto pour flasher la storio max en vidéo svp :-(
Keep it up.. I bought 2 of these InnoTab MaX's an already had to force their hand to replace one of them (within the first month) after my son scratched the screen which screwed up the touch screen if you can believe it Oo.

Our old InnoTabs (2 I think) lasted a year an still going these new ones are not very good at all.. not for kids anyway!!

Looking to hack the Max an will be going over some of whats been posted, thankyou! Looking forward to a full hack Tongue
Have upgraded to latest release, and no more root access. Will have to check if one exploit can be used to gain root access and install SuperSU.

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