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AppsLeap Pad Manager - By Deak Phreak "Create themes, custom videos and install via USB. You can also install custom games and apps"
Load Dev Mode - By Deak Phreak "Install this with the Leap Pad Manager so you can switch between dev mode directly from the device." Only tested on the LeapPad 2 and Ultra

GamesThese games are either homebrew or simple flash games, we will not post any piracy games.

Gold Miner

VideosThese videos are custom videos, we will not post any piracy videos.

Frozen - In Summer
Frozen - Let It Go
I Think I'm A Bunny
Im Elmo And I Know It
MitchiriNeko March
The Pikachu Song
What does the fox say
The Duck Song

ThemesThese themes only work on a Leap Pad 1 or 2

Game Pack 1
Abstract Pack 1
Abstract Pack 2
Abstract Pack 3
Abstract Pack 4
Added a bunch of videos
Added Leap Pad Manager
Hey Deak any chance you know how the My Books files are structured?
i guess they're just swf ebooks but i don't have a retail one to examine..